Spoleto Festival

The Spoleto Festival, also known as “Festival dei Due Mondi” (Festival of two Worlds), is an annual festival which was founded in 1958 in the town of Spoleto following to the composer Giancarlo Menotti’s willingness to have the worlds of Italian, American and European culture facing and exchanging each other in this event.

Since its creation, each year, in the month of July, music, dance, theatre and other visual arts meet each other, in this wonderful town. The Spoleto Festival is one of the international most prestigious events and features lyric, drama, dance, concerts, art exhibitions and films (in Spoleto cinema).
The Festival which has been always held with all the signs of a meeting between the old and the new continents tradition, has featured some of the most important actors, dancers and artists. Playbills posted time by time, matching avantgarde and tradition, revolution and conformism, new generations and legends, but always keeping the quality premises. Beside the famous Midday Concert which concludes the Spoleto Festival, we’ve seen stars and beginner performers, opera ballets and non-dancers nude bodies, nineteenth-century puppets and innovative lyrical directions. The amazing sceneries framing it are the ancient walls of the Roman Theatre, the Piazza del Duomo, The Albornoz Fortress and the architectural landscape of Spoleto.
The Spoleto Festival is a unique event which succeeds in joining the music, lyric and theatre arts, getting its leadership as one of the most prestigious Umbrian foundations. Every year, tourists come from all over the world to enjoy the festival and visit the wonderful Spoleto, a town enriched by art and history.